Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sumi's debut

Hi ! I am Sumi and welcome to Bayleaf. Bayleaf is my personal blog or online recipe book created and inspired by my love for food and cooking.

My collection has recipes that were handed down to my mother from her mother and grandmother. Most of the recipes here are old family recipes or created by my mother, my sister and me. Many of my lovely aunts and friends have also contributed their specialities to this web page. I have also adapted and tweaked many recipes from cookbooks and cooking shows over the years. When doing so, I try to attribute that source where I can.

I happen to live in a very cosmopolitan part of the world where new world and old world fuse sumptuously. This is reflected in my recipe collection too.

Technology has enabled me to share some of my ideas and dishes with you. So I cordially invite you to join me at Bayleaf !


I would love to hear from you, but please be patient with me if I do not reply… excuse……three toddlers at home !!!!!!

I would also request of you to restrict your views to the topic being discussed for the benefit of those who are reading this blog.

About Sumi

My name is Sumi Saad and I am currently working and living in Singapore. I derived an interest in cooking when I was living in London. Eating out was so expensive and since I did not have the palate to eat beans on toast daily, I learned to cook. I have learned and experimented. I have laughed at my delights and agonised over my disasters. But hey , that is what cooking is all about.
Come visit me at Bayleaf soon !!!!


At Bayleaf said...

Hi, Your recipes are wonderful and i already tried couple of time. Trust me it came wonderful.

Keep posting as much recipes you can.It will help people like us. thanks


At Bayleaf said...

i try you recipes.
turn very bad...........hahaaha
u need to lern more.....come i will teach u.